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The Down Low on Del Toro


Much speculation about who Benicio Del Toro is playing in Episode VIII has ranged from a wolfman-type alien to a Knight of Ren. Well, those are all wrong. Del Toro is playing a high ranking Republic commander.

Del Toro has been referred to by what GF believes is a production codename, Commander “Tug”. Flux says that Tug is a “by-the-books” military type and compares him to General Patton. Tug is a Republic military vet who accepts the help of the Resistance at Valara’s request but seems to have some type of disdain for them. Laura Dern’s Chancellor Valara works hand-in-hand with Poe Dameron but Tug butts heads with Poe regardless of Valara’s orders. GF describes their relationship as similar to the Kylo and Hux rivalry and that Poe feels something is off about him.

General Flux is working on getting more of the finer details on Tug’s role in the film as info on him seems to be particularly sparse.

3 thoughts on “The Down Low on Del Toro

  1. Those scenes are going to be incredible. Two of the best actors in the world sharing scenes aboard a freakin’ space ship and directed by Rian Johnson.


  2. So Benicio Del Toro is a sith laura dern is a Republican and marie kelly tran is in love with Finn or near finn in episode 8.
    you have information on kelly marie tran ?


    • I never said Del Toro is a Sith nor that Dern is a Republican, as I’m pretty sure she endorses Hilary Clinton. As for Kelly Marie Tran, I have a blog entry dedicated to her.


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