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Blowing Snoke – The Practical Supreme Leader


I have received some info on Snoke in Episode VIII however, it is only in regards to his appearance. Sets involving Serkis are pretty limited to what members of the crew are present and unfortunately General Flux didn’t make the cut. What I’m about to explain is sort of 70% factual and 30% rumor. GF saw some of these things and only heard about others.

The first thing I know to be fact is Snoke is seen in person in Episode VIII. No Hologram this time around. We will see him in more than one scene in the flesh along side Adam Driver and Domnhall Gleeson once again. The most interesting part of this news is how they filmed Snoke this time around. Andy Serkis did still use motion capture techniques to portray the character but I’m told it was on a much smaller scale. Flux can confirm a physical cloak was made for the Snoke character. He believes Serkis sported a pair of stilts which he has used in prior Motion Capture roles and are very similar to the ones used by Alan Tudyk in Rogue One. Now for the details General Flux isn’t 100% sure of. He believes Serkis spent an exceptional amount of time in makeup suggesting not all of Snoke will be motion capture this time around. Flux also says he was told some days Serkis spent no time having makeup applied at all. Flux and I have concluded that they may have tried more than one technique in creating the character this time around. We saw this with Simon Pegg in the previous film with both practical and CG techniques used. It will be interesting to see how a more practically done Snoke might play out on screen if they do indeed take that route.

3 thoughts on “Blowing Snoke – The Practical Supreme Leader

  1. Do you have any knowledge of Snoke’s backstory? Thanks — great blog.


  2. Dude, they just confirmed it last week, this site rocks.


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