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BB-8’s Hidden Abilities


General Flux has informed me that Poe Dameron’s trusty BB unit will be using some yet to be seen equipment in Episode VIII. There will be several new tools he uses but one really stands out to me.

Flux has seen one of the following but has heard of the others from co-workers on the set.

  • In one scene BB-8 utilizes a car-jack-like tool to lift up the bottom of closed door after the control panel was destroyed. I’m really interested to see how this one comes out of him and operates.
  •  BB-8 will also turn on a floodlight of sorts out of the same “eye” that projects holograms. He uses it to illuminate a hallway. Flux said the light on the puppet BB-8 is like a high intensity LED.

Flux also stated that other BB units will be seen this time around at the Resistance hangar location (which is aboard a large ship in this film) including a blue and green BB unit and also a red and light gray BB unit. He doesn’t think they have any prominent screen time, just being utilized as background elements.

3 thoughts on “BB-8’s Hidden Abilities

  1. Can you please inform us about Kylo Ren/Rey’s relationship in the next movie?


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