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Reincarnated Rey? Give Me a Break!


A popular “leak” circulating around on the fan forums states that Rey is Anakin reincarnated and that Luke says to her, “No YOU are MY father!” I am genuinely disgusted that this “spoiler” managed to get so much traction. C’mon guys! This is almost as ridiculous as a mid-day soap opera revealing Marco has an evil twin brother.

Clearly this is bad fan fiction at best, right up there by the whole Rey x Kylo shipping thing. According to General Flux, the identity of Rey’s parents is known only by high ups like Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, Lawrence Kasden, JJ Abrams, Colin Trevorrow, the story group and of course Daisy Ridley (a few other actors may be aware at this point as well). My personal speculation is that the story group wouldn’t want to go in such a retread direction with a character’s backstory. Anakin had his story and Rey will have her own.That’s the way I see it. When I asked Flux what he thought of the reincarnate story he said, “That’s a complete insult to the creativity I’ve seen.”

Drawing from what I have heard from General Flux, so far the “Jedi part” of this trilogy is shown in a very different light than the previous trilogies. We heard way back before The Force Awakens was released that it would have strong roots in the lore of Star Wars. I don’t particularly think that was the case but I do think they were setting it up for that happening in Episode VIII and perhaps that is where that info came from. If you look at the Rebels season 3 trailer it seems they will be diving into the deeper mythos of the Jedi and Sith with that franchise as well. Disney/LFL seems to be heavily invested in exploring those types of stories.

Flux tells me that Luke educates Rey on not just the Force but the deep origins of the Jedi. No, I don’t mean the guys in the Prequel Trilogy. I mean the very first connection between the Force and a being using it the way a Jedi would. Flux describes some of it like Luke has reached a new plateau of Force knowledge. This could mean we are in for some of the most epic Force teaching moments we have ever seen on screen. Flux labels the things he has seen involving Luke and Rey as “Next Level Star Wars.”

Cue the Force theme and the goosebumps.

10 thoughts on “Reincarnated Rey? Give Me a Break!

  1. Mark Hamill said that there was a line he said for Episode VIII that he knew right away would become a legendary Star Wars quote that would be on T-Shirts for years to come. I hope it’s during these “epic Force teaching moments” and the “Do or do not. There is no try.” Of this generation. That will be special. That’s what I want from Episode VIII more than anything, quotes. Episode VII didn’t have too many for liking. I suppose there was “Chewie, we’re home” which will stay in the culture for a while, along with “It’s true. All of it.”

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  2. The basic idea of the “reincarnation” thing is actually pretty clever. It’s the idea of the eternal champion. That “the one who brings balance” passes from person to person. Anakin was the last incarnation of this and he failed so the “spirit” (for lack of a better word) moves on to Rey. So she’s not ANAKIN reincarnated but the spirit that inhabited him inhabits her. It’s pretty damned cool if they could have pulled it off.


  3. Flux is your imaginary friend isn’t he. Rey’s mother is Leia, Kylo is her half brother – I got that from my Farkin Guv’nor .


  4. i Just want to se Luke in all his glory, to see Luke as thepowerful being he is


  5. Originally, Lucas said his vision for Episode VII was to involve a character who you thought died in Episode III, but actually didn’t. I thought he might have been referring to Mace Windu, but then again I’ve thought he had a rough outline of his stories but was also winging it as he went along, and as we all know, Epi 1-3 were horrible in acting, directing, story and overuse of CG. Another rumor BEFORE the Abrams days, which I actually liked, was that Episode VII would have involved a carbon-frozen clone of Anakin that Palpatine had froze (insurance policy so to speak), and that Luke turned to evil, and the unfrozen clone of Anakin who was good had to bring Luke back to the light side: again, what appealed to me was the Campbellian monomyth idea of the Son to the Father and now the Father has to save the Son. However–all this is out door now as we know. Since Daisy Ridley said it was apparent who her parent(s) were from Episode VII in her mind, I think Obi-Wan Kenobi is her great grandfather, and I base this on JJ saying her parents do NOT appear in VII, and also the vision with voices from Alec Guiness and Ewan speaking to her “These are the first steps.” Just my 2c.


  6. I think that the idea of Rey being Luke’s daughter is both, obvious and awesome. In that I mean. Would Rey being announced as Luke’s daughter be a obvious and even predictable story plot line. Yes, but does that make it any less awesome. No. I think people make up all these rumors based on there own desires. People WANT to see Rey as Luke’s daughter. People are very invested into the skywalker family. The first six movies have all been involved around them, and now to create a new “family” line in Rey and whoever her family is, would honestly disconnect me and probably a lot of fans of the franchise. I hope Rey is the daughter of Luke. I hope snoke is plagues, and I hope that snoke reveals that he is vaders father and Luke’s grandfather. That he created life from nothing in anikens mother, and that’s why the skywalker family has so much trouble battling the darkside from within themselves.

    I also really hope that they reveal that Vader is still alive in the spirit form and is battling between good and evil, even in death. That’s why ren was talking to Vaders helmet. It can’t just be that Jedi are allowed to live in the force after death. Who is to say that the sith can’t live in the after life as well. Maybe Vader is showing loyalty to his “father” snoke (sidious) and surrendered himself to the darkside. Like father like son.

    It would make sense that there is always a dark and a light side of the skywalker family. They always create the balance in the force. Evil and light. The Jedi need the sith like the sith need the Jedi and the reality is that as long as one exist, the other will exist. Both have to be destroyed to have real balance in the universe. It’s a realization that Luke has come to on his exploration of the Jedi temples and his further study of the force. That as long as one exist, there will always be the other to balance itself out. They feed off each other. In the beginning of the Jedi the first ones who learned of the force were a brother and sister. The brother went to the dark side of the force. His power Was driven by all the bad qualities of the universe. Greed, jealousy, anger, fear. His sister was powered by the good in the universe. So begins the birth of the never ending struggle of the force. It started with the brother and sister who are the great distant relatives of snoke and the skywalker family. It’s almost a curse that was put on the bloodline of there family. One that they will always be burdened by. That’s why the next gen of the family, (Ren and Rey) are good and evil. You can kill one and another will be born to create balance. Neither can really win.

    I think another cool plot line that could be added onto all of this, was if snoke (sidious) was the first sith lord. The First of the dark side. The brother who has survived for tens of thousands of years and Rey could actually be the reincarnation of snokes sister. The first of the Jedi. Maybe even allowing to go further back in the Star Wars universe and explain how the brother betrayed and killed his sister and Rey will start to remember what had happened at the beginning of the Jedi and how it all started. Just some thoughts. Thanks form reading my ramblings. -amuse joe


  7. I read a really cool theory that Rey is in fact a Kenobi. There is a huge story behind it. Google it. Good read.


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