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Clarifications About Del Toro’s Character


After Del Toro spoke out regarding his role in Episode VIII during a recent interview, I reached out to Flux to see if he could clarify what he had previously told me about the character, codenamed “Tug.”

Flux doesn’t know what Del Toro meant by saying he is an “intergalactic villain.” He is either joking, trying to misdirect the interviewer, or possibly telling the truth which makes his character a double-crosser who sells out the Resistance during a scene Flux was not present for filming. Flux is 100 % certain that Del Toro portrays a New Republic military officer so he doesn’t understand why Del Toro says he’s playing a villain.

Long story short, he’s either playing a double crosser akin to Lando in Empire Strikes Back or he’s just lying his ass off to keep the scent off his character’s true nature as he has done during interviews in the past.

2 thoughts on “Clarifications About Del Toro’s Character

  1. Maybe hes undercover for the first order


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