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Real Star Wars Leaks

The Space Bear Leak is Garbage!


Recently another leak has surfaced on Reddit involving what the leaker claims to be coded call sheet that detail scenes from the film. I do not claim to have all of the answers and I never stated that I would be able to provide every answer to every question about the film but one thing I know for sure is no one has this amount of information on the film. Sorry spoiler addicts but this guy is for sure bullshitting you to the furthest extent. You may have already assumed this because the chances of someone knowing every detail of the plot (especially based on call sheets) is beyond ridiculous.

I will say that based on the things I know about the movie, he does have some of it right but it is possible that he just took information from this very website and others like it who seem to be in the know a bit and elaborated on it to make his information up.

One thing that REALLY stands out to me, besides the fact that the poster has since deleted his Reddit account, is the supposed use of the code names from TFA like “Kira” and “Original Warrior” for Rey and Luke respectively. I know for sure this is inaccurate. DEAD GIVE AWAY! Code names were not reused. Even if you don’t have a source like myself it is ridiculously illogical to think they would reuse code names from the first film knowing that people figured them out when they were first used. My source Flux was not able to use their phone anywhere near the sets. This amount of information could not be compiled by anyone unless the leaker is Rian Johnson trying to throw everyone off the scent. NOT LIKELY!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Space Bear Leak is Garbage!

  1. Can you clarify or post and article about what ‘Some’ he has right?


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