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The Last Jedi


Hello everyone. It has been a while due to being super busy in my personal life, but I’m back. Since the title was revealed this week, I reached out to General Flux about it. He informed me that the crew was not told of the official title of the film during production out of fear of leaks. It was only known as “Space Bear” to them. I asked Flux if the “last Jedi” referred to Luke, Rey, or someone else.

He assured me that Luke does not die in the film and he does train Rey to become a Jedi throughout the course of the movie. So Flux speculates that the title refers to both Luke and Rey being the last of the Jedi since the word can be used as both singular and plural like deer or sheep. Will there be more Jedi in the future? Flux doesn’t know.

The words “the last Jedi” were not said in the movie during any of Flux’s time on set that he can recall. Flux said he will connect me with a contact he has in the post production team so I can continue updates on the site. I am extremely excited about The Last Jedi and I look forward to seeing the final product as should all of you.

6 thoughts on “The Last Jedi

  1. This guys stuff is full of shit, don’t read it. Trust me.


  2. FINALLLY. Need more spoilers ASAP.

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  4. 1 update every 6 months. I guess not


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