I Was Raised To Do One Thing…

Real Star Wars Leaks


A Flaming Husk Hux?

Flux has shared some information with me regarding the ginger general, Hux. I was informed that Domhnall Gleeson’s stunt double is involved in a scene set on a First Order battleship interior where many pyrotechnics are being used. Stormtroopers, deck officers, droids, etc all run past the stunt double as flames shoot up behind him. Hux walks slowly as if he is in disbelief of what happens around him. Continue reading


Who is Laura Dern in Episode VIII?

One of the first questions I wanted General Flux to sniff out for me was who are the new cast members playing? I have been able to get some info out of him regarding a few of the new cast additions including Laura Dern. Most Star Wars fans will probably recognize her from Jurassic Park. While that might be Dern’s claim to fame she has actually appeared in quite a number of other things as well. Continue reading