I Was Raised To Do One Thing…

Real Star Wars Leaks


The Last Jedi

Hello everyone. It has been a while due to being super busy in my personal life, but I’m back. Since the title was revealed this week, I reached out to General Flux about it. He informed me that the crew was not told of the official title of the film during production out of fear of leaks. It was only known as “Space Bear” to them. I asked Flux if the “last Jedi” referred to Luke, Rey, or someone else. Continue reading


In Episode VIII, Yoda Will Be

After coming across a rumor that Yoda will be appearing in Episode VIII, I talked to General Flux to see if there was any truth in the matter. To my surprise, this turned out to be correct. Yoda will be in Episode VIII, sharing a scene with Luke and Rey during a meditation session which I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. This meditation ends when Rey is shaken by the vision of The Knights of Ren. Continue reading


The Space Bear Leak is Garbage!

Recently another leak has surfaced on Reddit involving what the leaker claims to be coded call sheet that detail scenes from the film. I do not claim to have all of the answers and I never stated that I would be able to provide every answer to every question about the film but one thing I know for sure is no one has this amount of information on the film. Sorry spoiler addicts but this guy is for sure bullshitting you to the furthest extent. You may have already assumed this because the chances of someone knowing every detail of the plot (especially based on call sheets) is beyond ridiculous. Continue reading


Kelly Marie Tran’s Role Revealed

Since I have already touched on both Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern I figured I’d take this time to address the final announced newcomer to the Episode VIII cast, Kelly Marie Tran. She is an unknown actress compared to Del Toro and Dern and I’m quite surprised she is in the cast but we won’t discount her as many of the previously unknown The Force Awakens cast members made us fall in love with them. General Flux has informed me of a few bits regarding Tran’s role in the film. Continue reading