I Was Raised To Do One Thing…

Real Star Wars Leaks

Introduction to the Site


Okay so there has been a ton of fakers popping up lately on the internet and it’s really pissing me off. The many people “claiming” to know legit info about the production of Episode VIII are wrong, just flat out wrong. But there are others that have some truth in them. Trust me when I say I have a source, whom of which I will refer to as General Flux. The General has been so kind to disclose information about the film to me on several occasions as we are close friends. I can and will verify some of the leaks out there as well as debunk many of them.

This is my first time revealing anything and also speaking out about this matter. I have followed developments on Reddit, 4Chan, Making Star Wars, and other news sites so now my voice will be heard. I want to be upfront about some things first before we dive in. I DO NOT have and WILL NOT ask for photos from the set, the script, etc from General Flux. I will not have the General risk their job to snap photos for nerds to get off on. I am only doing this to set the record straight and finally end fraud spoiler sites and “anonymous insider” posters.

That being said, I will try to share as much as General Flux will allow me to share as they know I am doing this. I’ll begin posting as soon as I can so subscribe to the site and I plan to have a Twitter set up for this at some point to answer any questions.

BIG DEAL signing off…

2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Site

  1. hey men do you know something about rey parents? i mean not exactly if you know who they are, rather if you know if they are going to reveal who they are in the movie. Thanks


  2. What are the ‘others’ who have truth to them. Do you have a list of other websites?


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