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Regarding That Hilarious “Leak” on Reddit


I was informed of a “Leak” recently posted on Reddit which contains about 95% inaccurate information about Episode VIII. Trust me folks this is a bunch of made up info posted by someone who clearly has a few screws loose. I will clarify why a few of the claims posted by “Spoilsbedumping” on Reddit are completely outlandish.

“Locations: Ach-To, Valara, Talzuc, Zarlenga, Jakku”

Ahch-to (which they misspelled) is accurate. Valara as I mentioned previously is Dern’s characters name. Jakku does not appear in VIII and the other two are completely made up.

“Newcomer roles: Benicio Del Toro : Ducain , Laura Dern : Mon Destra, Kelly Marie Tran: Riema Martano”

Wrong, wrong and wrong. The Ducain character does not appear and the other two names are off. I do not know what Kelly Tran’s character is called as of now but it isn’t Riema Martano. I previously posted info regarding Del Toro and Dern’s roles that is accurate.

The post’s descriptions of “conflicts, twists, and character destinations at movie’s end” are extremely off base.

“Rey : In isolation on Jakku”

This is the biggest giveaway they have no idea what they are talking about. Completely false. I believe they are basing this off of the fact that Ridley is filming longer than anyone else and doing so what would appear to an average outsider, by herself. FALSE, NO ONE GOES BACK TO JAKKU!

The FAQ’s are so off base I barely even want to address them.

Snoke does not die. There are not many people alive who know who Rey is related to and I highly doubt it is Palpatine. I have never heard of anything about a Han flashback and info on that would be extremely hard to get. The reason Ben turned to the Darkside it just flat out shitty fan fiction. Which is what this entire post basically is.

9 thoughts on “Regarding That Hilarious “Leak” on Reddit

  1. Hey man, love that you’re sharing with us, Reddit has noticed you too! In fact, I wanted to get your attention for a reason. I know you can’t risk your source Flux getting fired, so I won’t ask you directly to spill any beans obviously. But if you could contact the mods of the Star Wars Leaks subreddit and give them a bit of verification so that they could vouch for you, it would make us feel a lot more confident about things. That said, you do you regardless and either way I’ll be back to see more. Cheers!


  2. I need Lando to be in this film. Or at least in IX. Do you know if he is or isn’t? Thank you either way.


  3. what about Finn? Is he force sensitive?


  4. Does that mean there is still a possibility that Rey is Luke’s daughter?


  5. Why have the comment section when you delete every reasonable question posted?


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