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A Flaming Husk Hux?


Flux has shared some information with me regarding the ginger general, Hux. I was informed that Domhnall Gleeson’s stunt double is involved in a scene set on a First Order battleship interior where many pyrotechnics are being used. Stormtroopers, deck officers, droids, etc all run past the stunt double as flames shoot up behind him. Hux walks slowly as if he is in disbelief of what happens around him.

GF went on to tell me that Hux’s costume even slightly caught fire as the flames and debris rushed past him. From what Flux described, I personally drew the comparison between what Hux was doing to that of Lord Cutler Beckett in the third Pirates of the Caribbean film when he went down with his ship. It is also worth mentioning that both John Boyega’s and Oscar Isaac’s stunt doubles, along with BB-8 puppeteers were all on set at this time. Flux believes that the duo are responsible for whatever caused all the flames and explosions.

What does this mean for Hux? I can’t be certain. Flux does not know if Hux dies in this scene or not but he is leaning towards it potentially being Hux’s final stand. Another interesting detail I feel relates to this scenario is Phasma seemed to be in pursuit of Poe and Finn and then is absent from the explosion scene. I’m not sure what kind of conclusions we can draw from that but it is defintely worth noting.

3 thoughts on “A Flaming Husk Hux?

  1. Hope your leaks are true, would make Jason Ward look like a fat tool this time around.


  2. Can we confirm if Luke dies in Episode 8?


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